My editing journey began when I enrolled at Cal State Long Beach in 1990 to major in Print Journalism. After stints as a sports reporter and news editor, I became the editor in chief of the school’s daily newspaper. Journalism set the hook and reeled me in right there.

That led to many reporting and editing jobs at small papers across California, until I won a copy editing internship on the LA Times Metro desk. History was determined to make that an interesting gig, starting with OJ Simpson  and his white Bronco. That gave the Metro desk plenty to work on for a long time and taught me how to edit quickly and accurately on short deadlines.

After the internship I joined the National desk at the Times. History wasn’t done with me, sending the National desk a Lewinsky, an impeachment, an election recount, and the horrible tragedy of 9/11. Through it all, I was able to work closely with some of the top writers and editors at tveteranownedhe paper, including several Pulitzer Prize winners. Editors in that environment were expected to do their jobs carefully and to treat the writers with tact and diplomacy. The lessons from that time formed an editing style and approach  that has stayed with me to this day.

After leaving the Times for a private business opportunity, I am now freelance editing for clients that include writers of business books, bloggers and a law firm in New York. I am based in Parker, Colo.



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